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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
How many times this question will be asked and answered in this forum?
On EDC retrofitting, probably some more original questions (no answers found through forum search or Google so far):
1 Can you confirm how all EDC shocks have their settings changed?: by a top mounted setting motor (electro-mechnical) or via direct drive (electronics internal to the shocks)?
For the interface to the shock units:
2. Do you know what the electrical interface is between the shock unit and the EDC control module?
- How many electrical contacts: 2, more? does anyone have an image of the connector and/or socket?
- Is the signal analog variable with damper setting represented by voltage level (Vmin=0?, Vmax=??, Imax=??) or a DC supply (V=?, Imax=?) with damper setting selected via digital pulse coded?
- Are either analog / digital drive signals mapped against the user selectable settings?
- Are there any indications that more than 3 damper settings (4 with ZCP version) are supported?

3. Can you confirm that for E9X EDC, without electrical connection (or V=0, R=very high) the damper setting is equal to the hardest user selectable setting? (I believe this is common due to safety concerns)

4. Is the OEM manufacturer of the EDC shocks (ZCP and or regular) known?

Answers or pointers to sources for any of the above are greatly appreciated. Background is obviously a study into the retrofit of OEM EDC with a custom EDC drive module.

OP, personally I think its within the topic, but let me know if you consider this and I'll gladly move over

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