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Originally Posted by My 10th BMW View Post
Sorry to go off topic here , but is it possible You could give us Your opinions and favorites of those tires You've used ?
The 888's suck the big one as they were OK for about 2 heat cycles and fell off very quickly and the rears only had a usefull life of about 3.5 hours and then came apart as you can see here.They are not very good in the wet even at full tread.

The RA1's are my favorite tires and I get about 10 hours out of them with front to rear rotation.They are very easy to drive on and if you are over the edge very easy to bring back in.They work quite well in the wet if they are over 4/32's and also withstand abuse quite well.

The NT05's are the value tires and work quite well when they are newer as they do start to heat cycle out after about 10 hours of track time.I got about 8 days out of mine with not great traction when the temp was under 8c.Easy tire to drive but not great in the wet.If I am going to use these tires for Time Attack I intend to shave them to help with the heat cycling to get to the optimum tread level for grip.
The Continentals were awesome for grip even on a 5c day and were a real hoot to drive on as the turn in was almost telepathic and with the front grip I had lots of power on oversteer and even sideways the car was accelerating real hard leaving long black strips everywhere even in 3rd gear corners.They only lasted 45 minutes before the rears ran out of rubber but they were sure fun & very fastThese were takeoffs from the factory Boss 302 team and only had 1 heat cycle on them.For $50 a tire I considered them still a good value for entertainment

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