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Kind of a big deal

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Great overview,

some questions:
- what is the use/relevance of the wheel rate as opposed to the spring rate?

- I'm used to spring rates in SI (Systeme Internationale) and they are defined as force / distance: [Newton / meter, N/m]. With Lb being mass and not force, how do the mentioned rates mentioned here translate to SI-units?

SI spring rate value = Imperial Spring Rate value *2.2046 (for Lbs-> Kg) *9.8 (for mass->force) * 0.0254 (for 1/inch -> 1/meter) any thoughts?

- Is there any comparative info on the (minimum e/o maximum) damper rates of these systems available? Both SI or imperial values are welcomed? SI -unit is force * time / distance: [Newton * second / meter, Ns/m]