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Fuck OT.
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Originally Posted by Spool View Post
LOL this is the internet, people shouldn't take stuff seriously...i play poker with a few black guys, and all they talk about is thick white bitches with a big booty...and they always made us stock up on watermelons...can you confirm this stereotype is true or not?

Well, I personally wouldn't mind a thick white girl. But I like the slim ones more now. I think.

And hopefully they are saying that to live up to the stereotype, but I don't think black people like watermelon as much as people say we do. Like, I feel weird telling someone I enjoy fried chicken once in a while, because I know of the stereotype. The same goes for watermelon. I mean, watermelons and fried chicken are good, but I think anyone would agree with me that they taste delicious.
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This just in: @[Verbiage](contact:82449) is confirmed to be the most savage person on this site. Can't go into details but I will say, he is one smooth SOB. Haha