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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
To those people who think they can get 60-80 hp without FI and without sacrificing reliability: what are you smoking/dreaming? This will be a $60k+ car, which has a brand image to protect and plenty of other high performance cars to compete against and all. What makes you think BMW will release it with that kind of untapped potential? If they could have designed the headers to provide the additional 30 hp, they would have. This is not some Honda Civic you bolt parts onto (with the exception of FI) and see a drastic difference. Somebody even mentioned software. Give me a break. So, you're telling me someone else can write better software for this car then the highly trained engineers who designed the car in the first place and know the engine parameters inside out? Again, that kind of tweak works with lower end cars that are tuned down due to fuel economy, emissions, and noise concerns. Except for the emissions criteria, I doubt that BMW is too concerned with the rest in the M3. And if you want to go screw with you emissions, that's another story (then you can even remove the converter or something stupid like that). If you really want to mess with an engine and see results, try the 335i. You can play with the turbos, but rest assured that your engine will most likely not last as long as it was designed to last if you do so.
You are way off with your statement. Have you seen the headers on the E60 M5? They are about as terrible as they get. Its a 100k car.