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RWD only.
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Thanks for the support guys. In all honesty, I have a slim chance of hitting 11% by the beginning of march, but it's a definite possibility by the end of the month.
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how are you tracking your bf? the machine i use at my gym has people stand on a scale and grasp 2 handles. on thursday it said 8%, friday 11%, saturday 9%, and monday 8%. every time i measured it was after a half hour of cardio and some abs time before that. no huge eating binges during any of those days either
We have a machine similar to what you're describing, except the weight plate is done at a different point from your bfat analysis. The best time to use it is as soon as possible after you wake up in the morning. Things like hydration, intake, and working out throw off the values a lot. I can make the reading go from 17 to 14 percent just by drinking a lot of water, measuring myself, then sweating it all out in about two hours.
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