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Originally Posted by M3RMA View Post
20 miles....really...that is bullshit, they can drive it around the block if they have to in order to confirm oil level after service. Between start up and a run around the block provides plenty of time. In order to get an accurate reading it requires the engine to run for a few minutes, in no way shape or form does it require the car to be driven that long or that distance.
In my experience the time it takes for the oil sensor to determine the level after an oil change takes a while. I changed the oil midway through and it literally took me 30 min of driving in stop and go traffic before the car was able to determine how much was in there. Once it was able to get a reading subseqeunt re-measurements took considerably less time. I'm pretty sure that has to do with the oil not being up to operating temperature. Remember, its almost 9l of oil and it's not going to heat up in seconds.