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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
Better fuel consumtion with the smg/dct? Where do you get this? My concern is reliability. They have been "perfecting" the smg for years. Just read the M5 forum and you will get an idea how unreliable this transmission is. Anyone planning on keeping thier M3 Dct car beyond warranty better have loads of expendable cash if anything goes wrong with this electronic wizard, especially in it's first years of development. BMW has an awful track record in regards to reliability with their automatic and Smg transmissions.

the truth is that anyone keeping their M3 beyond warranty better be ready to pony up a good deal of cash for repairs regardless of whether the car is equipped manual or DCT, that much you can be sure of. if there is any cost differential however, it will be incremental. you'll also find that the number of 1st generation SMG transmissions which have suffered from "problems" is not disproportionate to the filial generation of SMG which followed. if BMW's past is any indicator of its future, it's safe to assume that the 1st generation DCT won't be any more or less plagued with problems than the generations to follow.

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