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Originally Posted by bhoch View Post
I eat several small meals throughout the day.. why.. because I am one that finds it easy to over and I find it prevents me from "binging" or just eating more then I want if I space them out every few hours. I'm never really "that hungry" so I can easily pass on any junk food or snacks throughout the day. That's the only reason I do it. I also find it easier to increase or decrease calories as needed when I eat this way.

So, from that standpoint - in that I would eat more calories then I need if I ate only 3 times a day - I eat 5 times a day.
And that is fine. I'm sorry if I was vague; it is not my objective to prove people wrong, just looking to educate.

To reiterate, my point of meal timing being irrelevant is to squash the idea of it lowering your metabolism, or preventing the body from consuming itself.