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Originally Posted by Helix View Post
462 bhp and 328 lb/ft sounds nice, though as you say, $25k is a lot of bread. Still, it is an impressive total package, a sensible total up-grade including brakes & suspension, plus shorter gearing, not just bolt-on power, so it seems reasonable value to an outsider.

Can you clarify re 'factory installed at authorised BMW dealership' - I presume it is Dinan's factory and warranty, not BMW's?

Thanks for the good feedback.

Let me clarify, the VF-Engineering Supercharger is $12K (US) installed and will include some new brake pads. If you have a look at their web site it includes a water/air cooler and you don't need any other mods (exhaust,etc.). All of this makes it unique. It does come with a 3 year unlimited mileage full warranty but BMW informed me it might void part of my BMW warranty coverage. However, from what I have read it product seems reliable. Still, I would some feedback from others who have knowledge of this product before dropping $12K. The owner of the shop did say I would experience some minor gas costs (not too bad as the new power doesn't really kick in until 4-5K so daily drive is ok) and to look for buying new tires more often. However, it seems a MAJOR rush.

The Dinan products (excellent product I hear-although I heard a rumor the company is struggling) can be installed by my BMW dealer (so BMW warranty is ok) but you have to make a LOT of other mods to balance the new power which means a LOT more $ than the VP product. The Dinan mods are way past my budget.

Any thoughts on the VP supercharger? If you have seen the VP video it does make it tempting - and makes your pulse quicken.

Since I'm asking for favors from the more experienced E46 M3 drivers here, I'll ask another. I'm getting new PIAA Hyper Black Super Rozza 2 rims this week with GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 DS-G3 tires. Any feedback regarding this products (yah I know, I should have asked before I put down my $)

Thanks guys.