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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
SMG for race cars especially F1 cars (do your homework!). Manuals for luddites.

OK I don't really think the latter is true, it was more or less a sarcastic rubuttal to your totally false statement. But I am a "drivers driver" and I will get DCT only. Bottom line is DCT is better for track, acceleration times, flexibility (manual and auto modes), gf/wife borrowing, fuel consumption, customization (different shift programs in each mode), etc. Manual will be slightly less weight and give some a real but also perhaps a false sense of more "involvement" with the car. SMG/DCT allows you to simply focus on other aspects of your driving more, those parts that a pneumatic actuator and computer simply CAN NOT do. The part of driving that required and benefits from a HUMAN driver. Once you get a SMG/DCT wired during performance driving (and no am not even there myself yet) I think you will never want to go back.

Better fuel consumtion with the smg/dct? Where do you get this? My concern is reliability. They have been "perfecting" the smg for years. Just read the M5 forum and you will get an idea how unreliable this transmission is. Anyone planning on keeping thier M3 Dct car beyond warranty better have loads of expendable cash if anything goes wrong with this electronic wizard, especially in it's first years of development. BMW has an awful track record in regards to reliability with their automatic and Smg transmissions.