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Originally Posted by chitown08 View Post
I'm pretty sure he meant to say paddles originally, thus the confusion. The answer to his question would then be yes, the dsg will also have paddles like the smg does.

It is always interesting to hear from ppl what they like and dont like about dsg vs. manual. I think manual is much more fun than automatic, but mostly because the auto chooses when to shift and it pisses me off. DSG would not suffer from this problem (you choose when to shift). I have never driven DSG or SMG but i'd imagine you would feel like a racer with instant paddle shifts - although admittedly less involved.

Looking at the big picture, this debate seems to focus on humans desire to be challenged (with a manual), set goals (master advanced manual technique), take voluntary steps to accomplish these goals (practice heel-toe), and feel the satisfaction of attaining these goals (well-executed heel-toe, smooth shift, rev match).
A DSG robotically does all of this for you, leaving you with nothing to strive for, resulting in boredom and dissatisfaction. Humans need goals, and to feel the power of accomplishment. After a good track lap or mtn run, I'd imagine one would feel less satisfied and proud because the robots did it for you.

I've never once been less satisfied/proud because I was using paddles. It's just as fun as rowing gears.