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37 is too young to have a THA...if it can be avoided. Hopefully you are at an earlier stage and can avoid a total hip arthroplasty (THA). Lots of good advice above.
I don't see many doctors contracting with prosthetic companies, but I work in a more academic environment (more teaching, less getting paid). Some of my partners are consultants and real designers of implants, but most of that money goes back to the "Foundation" (the institution that we work for).
The bottom line is that at 37 you will have more than one hip surgery...and likely one your lifetime.
As for minimally invasive hip surgery...that was a big fad a few years back, lots of studies (some of them ours, so I might be a little biased) proved that there was not all that much benefit of the minimally invasive techniques. The orignal series (out of Chicago, Dick Burger if I recall correctly) included a lot of young men than bounced back from surgery very quickly due to lots of physical reserve and psychological anticipation.
Best of luck!
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