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Originally Posted by Kloogy View Post
Does anyone here have any experience with this ? I was diagnosed with Necrosis in my hips. My right hip is in constant pain and after an MRI, they found that I have this condition in both hips. ...
I'm pretty much in the same position, only older. I went from an annual weekly average of walking 30+ miles a week to less than half that after an impact injury. AVN is the diagnosis, the same as yours, avuncular necrosis; I've scheduled surgery for a replacement the end of March. The advice you're getting here is fairly on point. My surgeon says he has data from his surgeries that his replacements run well into the 30 year mark; he has patients who are doing intensive rockface climbing now. Look for a surgeon who does the least invasive procedure and who does a lot of them (the advice from a retired orthopedic surgeon).

You might ask your physician for a better NASID, I personally found ibuprofen worthless even at a daily 1800 mg level. AVN is an insidious condition, I have absolutely no cartilage in my right hip and I find myself not wanting to do anything that requires effort. Not much of a lifestyle, hun. I've opted for the surgery without a second thought, even though fairly routine now, no surgery is 100% safe and fault free.

Good luck!