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Originally Posted by FDfranklin View Post
Appreciate your help, that quote just scrambled my brain though. Math was never my strong subject. Tried some conversion sites but was getting weird numbers, have a quick link on how to decode that?
- 26 to 30 kcals/kg/day for normal, healthy individuals with sedentary lifestyles doing little physical activity [12.0-14 kcal/pound]

170 (lbs) x 14 = 2380 Calories

According to the theory, you burn 2380 calories a day just "living" a sedentary lifestyle. Do you have more physical activity during the day?

Try lowering your calories to 2100 and give it a few weeks. Shoot to lose ~ 1lb a week. Are you lifting weights?

This is a rough example and takes trial and error. Keep an eye on the mirror and scale.