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I am not going to flame the OP because a long time ago I made exactly the same statement on a forum having bought an E36 M3 after selling an E36 325i.

The power from M cars is far more progressive and as said you need to learn how to extract the most out of them. In a 325i you just mash the throttle and it will go. Its all about building up the power in an M car so when you get to the magic 4-5K rpm all hell is ready to be let loose.

Its one of the reasons I am thinking of chaging my 135 for an E92 M3. My 135 makes more torgue than an M3 and it makes peak torque from 1300rpm onwards so the power is instant. I love the ability to have max power all the time whenever you want it but also miss the progressive build up you get with an M car.