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Originally Posted by bmwmthree View Post
What happened to exercising/working out and eating right/a good diet?
Most people have NO idea what 'eating right' or having a good diet is, and the OP didn't ask anything about it.

As for your question I take a vitamin, flax and fish oil, and a Glutamine chew. I've found that to be plenty for me, and I usually am popping glutamine all day.

I've found lot's of products to be pretty worthless as far as creatine, NO, and other 'hyped' up products go. Creatine is useful as it basically allows your muscles to release a little more energy allowing you to lift a little more weight. It doesn't aid in muscle growth itself, but rather allows you to train your body at a higher weight and tear down muscle faster.

I've used Animal Pak in the past and love it, I just get burnt out really quick with all those damn pills.

I do the vegetarian thing though and get most of my nutrition from my diet.
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Straight PIITB. Then eat dumplings.