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Originally Posted by Asiann View Post
Excellent advice. Prior service physical therapy tech and this is in the right direction of what you need to do. Motion is lotion as we used to say so don't baby that ankle. Get it moving and work on your range of motion (ROM) as well as incorporate the band exercises mentioned above. Not knowing what or which tendons you have torn it is hard to give exact instructions. I too would go see your "DOC" physical therapist if you have one to better get you back on track and not injure yourself anymore than necessary because you did something stupid like running too soon. It will take time to heal but the therapist can get x-rays to determine healing as well as follow up examinations. Go get seen as soon as possible. Hope you get better.
See an orthopod.

Xrays won't tell you anything about tissue unless its swollen, xrays are usually for bone or air/fluid levels.