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Ummm....very sad from Arsenal

I'm not a fan anyways...I like EPL style of play (aggressive)...but somehow its not as refined as spanish

Oh and the other massively annoying thing about soccer/football -- all of the good players are monopolized by the following teams:

1. Real Madrid
2. barcelona +- athletico madrid
3. ac milan
4. inter milan
5. man u +- man city (barely)
6. chelsea (thx fernando torres)
7. bayern munich

Honestly, aside from these teams, soccer is damn boring to watch; skills are really only display when guys like messi, chritiano ronaldo, xavi are playing

this is speaking as a person who has no local team (north america); i love soccer, but world cup is where the fun is at, maybe UEFA...but thats it. EPL is probably the most competitive domestic league.