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WOW!!!! That had to be the best bday present I could ever hope for, thanks Dana!

I hope Anderson has finally silence his critics, to me this fight showed how truly injured he was against Sonnen. The way he moved was completely diff, when Vitor got him down, he sprung back up immediately, and Vitor is no slouch on the ground, he was a black belt BBJ before he ever stepped into the UFC. That kick was insane, I dont think anyone thought it was going to the head, it looked like an average front kick to the body but w/ Silvas long legs it was able to connect w/ amazing power. I guess now its up to GSP, what a fight thats gonna be (it better fucking happen).

I am very happy for Bones Jones, he is the most talented young fighter I have ever seen. I didnt know who to root for in this fight, I really like both guys but you know this isnt the last time they are gonna fight, both guys have long careers ahead. But Jones looked as good as ever on the ground, moves you never see, like when he jumped over Bader and took his back, WTF who does that? Dude is so unpredictable.

I cant believe Rashard luck, he doesnt wanna fight till Shogun is healthy and waits and waits and now Shogun is finally healthy but he goes down. I really dont know what to think about this upcoming fight. Mainly due to the only part of Jones game that concerns me is his stand up, at times it looks good but last night it didnt look very good against bader, even though he had a monstrous reach advantage. And going against a guy like Shogun w/ insane stand up, is gonna be interesting, Jones only has a month to train but I have the feeling he is gonna surprise every one yet again and pull this one off, this kid is gonna be champ for a very long time if he keeps improving at this pace

So many other great fights on the card, but w/ these two, who can think of the others