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Originally Posted by M3onTwomps View Post
Funny. Because in a time trial w/ professional drivers of the same skill level, the DSG driver would have the advantage.

I think being a "driver" and being a speed contest winner are two different things. It absolutely takes more skill to properly drive a manual transmission car WELL on a back road, racetrack, or even in traffic (smooth shifting without jeking your occupants' necks). Heel-toe downshifting is a skill few learn about or can master, but is a very satisfying feeling. Of course an SMG or DSG will shift faster and allow the driver to concentrate more on their line and, perhaps, left food braking, but this does not take away from the skill and subsequent rewarding feeling of driving a manual.

The DSG in the E92 M3 will have 7 speeds vs. 6 in the manual. This, plus the smoothness of the dual clutch system, makes it my choice. More gears to help that V8 stay near 8400 RPM!
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