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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Definitely true, great driving around your neck of the woods. I am pretty blessed in that regard as well, inland San Diego toward Julian and Anza Borrego are fantastic. In your area I like Highway 9 from Campbell to Santa Cruz, fun, fun. From the above it sounds almost like you are saying you will take my bet from a previous post. I didn't hear a direct reply on that one yet. I still call BS if you think you will be able to tell the difference blindfolded!
Driving a car blindfold -- who do you think I am, Ricky Bobby?

BTW, Rt 9 is one of the best driving roads bar none! I used to live in Boston, where there are exactly 0 good roads, so to me Nor Cal is pure driving heaven.

I hope the 4 door M3 comes with a CF roof, too. Putting a baby seat in the back of a 2-door SUCKS!
Driving sideways: It's not faster, but damn it's more fun!