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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
I cant say I am happy about it, but I agree with these predictions.

I would like to see Silva's eyes rolled back in his head

I want Franklin to win

I like Jones, I hope he pulls it out, Bader is just a beast!
I'm feeling the same way. I'd love for Silva to get beat down. However, no one can deny his stand up. Vitor will probably try and go toe to toe and that is just a bad idea against Silva.

Franklin I feel is the more experienced and more technical fighter. Forest has not really been known for his technical striking. I also have not seen Forest fight in a while. That being said, Forest is a tough dude and I don't see Franklin putting him away. Instead I'm expecting him to win on pts due to better being the better technical fighter.

I'm surprised you're with me on the Bader pick. Everyone thinks Jones is going to steamroll him. But I think people:
A) underestimate Bader
B) don't realize Jones is under a lot of pressure and that is going to affect him
C) don't realize Jones likes to out wrestle people and set up his ground and pound, he will have trouble doing this to Bader (yes Matt Hamil is a good wrestler but not like Bader)

Bader will catch him with a big hit sooner or later. I don't think Jones will go out (younger guys that haven't had bad KOs seem to fair better against big hits) but I think it will daze him enough for Bader to get a TKO.
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