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Originally Posted by CollinsE90 View Post
Your attitude inspires me Nick, I truly wish you the best, you deserve it. I mean that man
I appreciate that a lot. I'm working hard with all the issues through this battle, because I couldnt even explain how difficult its been nearly a full year since this thread was started by JPSIMON.
Originally Posted by ryet330i View Post
Wish you all the best Nick! Will pray for a speedy recovery!!! GL
Thank you very much, good sir!
Originally Posted by Augenbrauezug View Post
99% of making it through any ordeal in life is attitude and yours is great. I have nothing but high hopes for you.

I look forward to hearing about your recovery and wish you the absolute best.
I'm definitely pushing 100% with this for me because I wont give up. It's very hard against all the problems with cancer that shows up during the time.
Originally Posted by zzzbullseye View Post
Prayers coming your way! Keep that great attitude and you will prevail!
Thank you!
Originally Posted by newdadkel View Post
Prayers for complete recovery bro!

I know that the chemo can really suck, but you already punched cancer in the face so this will be a piece of cake. We will try to keep your spirits up in OT
It's all been difficult, so I can't call it a piece of cake, but I look forward at the future after I finish this battle. I'm planning on writing a book about the whole battle once I'm finish because I have nearly a year of recovering.
Originally Posted by Kroy View Post
You got this, Nick. Stay strong.
Thank you! I appreciate that a lot.
Originally Posted by lopealle View Post
good luck
Originally Posted by OC 335i View Post
Great stuff Nick. Thanks for the updates. Everyone I have met from AE is super nice, I hope to meet you too one day! (I'm Nabil's friend)
I would like meeting you too. I would have meet you too, but I was out of the office nearly all last year. Nabil is awesome too.

Originally Posted by xzlnt View Post
I've lost my father to cancer. Doctors gave him 6 months but he fought for six years! Glad to hear you're fighting this monster off Nick. Keeping you in my prayers.
Im very sorry hearing about your father. He definitely fought hard for 6 years and hes a very inspirational man hearing that.

These cancer demons needs to be stopped. I have so many friends that finished their battles.

edit: In 2009, I flew to visit my grandfather earlier that year for his serious lung surgery for stage 4 cancer. He ended up needing chemo at the end of that year. He has been fighting his cancer all last year, and his doctors have said that nothing can help it anymore. He has worked so hard using me as an inspiration for him as I use him too. He almost gave up during the last few months and I forced him from my own work, so he is doing much better now since hes 80 years old. I will see him soon once I'm healthy enough to fly to see him too.

I should have mentioned that December 29 2009 was when I went to the hospital when I was medically induced into a 2 month coma after a few days into the coma when my doctors found cancer in my marrow and I started chemo right away too. Its a bit strange for big signs from other people that year including other friends fighting their own cancer battles too between Lymphoma, and Throat cancer too.

I should say, I can totally understand how medical has gotten much better during the last 10-20 years back since my mother's best friend died from cancer when I was 10. I still wonder if she could have been saved during this time. I shouldnt think about that, but I know she worked hard for her battle when I saw her in the hospital then and I still visual it all still.
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