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Keeping Blackberry Gateway Charged

Originally Posted by sdblue View Post
For streaming audio only, I got the Blackberry Stereo Bluetooth Gateway and it's absolutely awesome. Same straightforward setup as the Belkin you describe, but the Belkin's wiring looks better since it's self-contained and has the USB port.

My e90 has bluetooth but no wait to play music from my phone (which I use for music, podcasts, and Pandora). Since everything is contained in the armrest, everything is neatly tucked away. I just get in the car and start playing music from the phone. If a call comes in, the music stops and the car's bluetooth takes over the call. When I hang up, the music comes right back.
Is this the device you have?

And how do you keep it charged? Do you have it plugged into the USB port? Also, just to confirm, does this work with non-Blackberry bluetooth smartphones (audio source) as well? It seems like it will but I was wondering if you're using it with a Blackberry or another phone.

My car (08) has the premium package (USB port and bluetooth integration) but it does not have bluetooth streaming...