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Originally Posted by EBuyuk View Post
In that case the DSG is like a better automatic. The driver just presses the gas pedal and steers the wheel. I would much rather accelerate a bit slower but be fully interacting with the car in a car like the M3. Coming from the E60 M5 with the SMG III, I was hoping that the DSG would have paddles. The SMG is awesome IMO, because of the fast shifts and perfect downshifts it is a blast to drive on winding roads or even regular straight roads. You really fell like you are driving a F1 car. I doubt that it will be this thrilling in the DSG.
OK the DCT specs have not yet been released but I am 99% sure it will be almost just like SMG. Both are what is called an automated manual. They are absolutely manual transmissions, it is just the computer and pneumatics or hydraulics control the clutch and shift lever. DCT (DSG) will with 99% certainty have two modes and probably multiple selections/programs in each mode. In this way it will be functionally just like SMG. There will be automatic modes where the car decides to shift for you as you accelerate and decelerate. The different auto modes will then determine the rpm before shifts. In the manual mode the car absolutely will not shift until you tap the paddle or nudge the stick. Like others mentioned perfect rev matches, no chance of over-reving. I'm not sure if the DCT in manual mode will have different programs becuase the shifts are always almost instantaneous and are always smooth (VW-Audi folks with DCT might know better than me here).

The improvement of DCT (DSG) over SMG is simply instantaneous shifts from the dual clutchs and the "next" gear be always already to go, power through the transmission ALL the time which gives more smoothness, better acceleration and better mpg.

Also both DCT modes will likely have the ability to essentially "pop the clutch" or some launch control like feature that will produces near perfect launches. Anyone who thinks there is no control for fun, drifting, burnouts etc. with SMG/DSG/DCT go find an experienced M3 SMG driver and ask for some fun or a show in the passenger seat .... then hold on.

Hope this helps many of you. Cheers.