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Originally Posted by Alumac View Post
DSG for Sunday drivers, Manual for drivers. Easy!
SMG for race cars especially F1 cars (do your homework!). Manuals for luddites.

OK I don't really think the latter is true, it was more or less a sarcastic rubuttal to your totally false statement. But I am a "drivers driver" and I will get DCT only. Bottom line is DCT is better for track, acceleration times, flexibility (manual and auto modes), gf/wife borrowing, fuel consumption, customization (different shift programs in each mode), etc. Manual will be slightly less weight and give some a real but also perhaps a false sense of more "involvement" with the car. SMG/DCT allows you to simply focus on other aspects of your driving more, those parts that a pneumatic actuator and computer simply CAN NOT do. The part of driving that required and benefits from a HUMAN driver. Once you get a SMG/DCT wired during performance driving (and no am not even there myself yet) I think you will never want to go back.