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Heres a new update for everyone-

I have said that I won't tell the rest until this all was closer....

You all know how I had cancer found in my spine and my spine earlier this year, so my doctors have called that being a "relapse" so I NEEDED a marrow transplant to help my situation for everything. I do have 3 sisters and 1 of my sisters matched me, so she was happy being my donor for my transplant.

I am currently in the hospital right now this week for the prep for the transplant which includes a LOT chemo so it can pretty much blast away my immune system for any tiny bits of cancer even though while my marrow has been clear, but this makes it safer. I'm pretty much running chemo into me 24/5 until I go home. Thats the easiest explain for this week.

I will be going home on friday this week, and then I have 3 weeks at home whole I recovery from this week before the transplant. I don't really need to explain the whole deal how it works, and its not some insane crazy deal because they've been doing marrow transplants for years for people.

For the transplant, I will be in the hospital for 1 full month while I'm watched and my vitals and everything, so my immune system will build itself back up, and then.. I will recovery for 6 months, and then I'll be all setup. I wont need chemo again including my brand new perfect immune system since I do not see any issues coming up because its working perfect now. I've been pretty lucky having a sister with a match how excited she is helping me.

Heres a random phone pic-
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