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I thought I might chime in here...
Currently I have a car with DSG. My previous car was a manual so Ive had both.
Fact: Nothing is more exciting than feeling the power of the car through the shift lever in a manual car. Rowing your gears is a different feel the power and the car.

Fact: DSG is freaking amazing. Super fast shifts (4 milliseconds if im not mistaken and faster/smoother than SMG) Perfect rev matches at all times
I love my DSG but you do miss rowing the gears I'll tell you that much. The paddles do make it a lot better however.

Its all a matter on your tastes. If you love rowing gears then stick with the manual. DSG is butter, its lightning fast and smooth, but I do miss driving a manual. It requires less skill with the DSG, only have to find the good shift points whereas a standard makes you feel like you are driving the car. But I still dont regret my decision