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Interesting point. Not one I would have thought of having a direct impact on M3 sales. I don't care if the M3 gets 6mpg (which is what I average on the track) or 14mpg, and it never crossed my mind when considering the purchase of the M3 or any car for that matter that I can think of. Hmmmm...does MPG factor into the decision to buy a performance car? I guess if I was buying it for a long commute or something I was planning to drive 30k miles/year.
I'm guessing that the global economic downturn has had the most significant impact on the overall sales numbers.

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QFT - whether i like it or not ... you can't lament the poor sales figures and at the same time stick your head in the sand about the direction of energy costs. I'm gambling that for the next 5 years we won't see all hell break loose on the energy markets ... I can't say it's a safe bet (actually i suspect it's a losing bet), but I've always wanted a n/a m3.