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Originally Posted by 1MORELAP View Post
Why are you blanking out the ED plate? Anyway. Glad you explained the 18s, as I was scratching my head a bit. More importantly, what spacers are you going with. I thought that ZCP had the perfect offset, but now I think it could use 5mm in the rear.

I think they're blanking out the license plates to limit any legal liability in the event that someone finds me based on the euro license plate. Hopefully we don't have too many nutjobs on these boards.

About the spacers, the spacers will be from 10-12 in the rear, and from 15-18 in the front. From what I understand this is the conventional knowledge on how to space ZCP M3's. Either way, we'll try out a few different set ups at EAS before coming to a final decision. Ultimately, I'm looking to have the wheels sit perfectly flush with the fenders.

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