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It's absolutely not absurd. That's like a shoe company halting sales on size 6.5, and then being surprised why size 6 and size 7 sales suddenly increased. No one is arguing that the e9x M3 is a better selling vehicle. Its not; that much is clear (for all of the reasons you mentioned in your first post.) But from a raw numbers standpoint, the operative comparison is sales of the entire M3 line for that given generation. Even on that (broader) basis, the current e9x M3 is still not hitting the sales numbers of its predecessor.

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Adding something that does not exist (E46 M3 Sedan) into a comparison is absurd, don't you think?

If anything, adding the Sedan at $3000 less than the Coupe in the E9x M3 was supposed to bump total production worldwide from 86,000 to 100,000 units (E46 M3 vs. E9x M3) in its entire run according to BMW estimates in 2008. That's about 17000 units on average a year (6-year run).

My point is, not only the M3 Sedan inclusion did not increase sales but no M3 model at all increased their sales compared to the 2-model E46 M3. BMW will be lucky if they sell 50000 E9x M3 worldwide in its entire run, compared to almost 44000 units produced for the US market E46 M3 alone .

By the way, the E46 M3 sold more than the E36 M3 worldwide in its entire run.

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