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Originally Posted by mofomat View Post
You wouldn't have driven a Gallardo with DSG. Not unless it was an experimental car that nobody knows about. , which makes me question whether you know what you are talking about really.

I love SMG. I don't think it's any less satisfying than a manual. After all, both achieve the same end result, a new gear, but with a different method of execution. The satisfaction comes from changing the gear at the right time for optimum performance. SMG also requires a certain level of skill to get the changes right. I think there's a lot of macho posturing by people who think that if they say they prefer a 'stick' as opposed to SMG, it makes them a higher skilled driver.

The truth is, unless you are a semi-amateur or professional racing driver there is no way you can get the same performance from the car with a stick as opposed to the SMG.
Your probably right it was some sort of tip tronic box just assumed that it was a DSG as audi own them thought they would have planted it in, so pressumed it was! sorry stand corrected!! but still stand by the fact that a manual is the best way to go if you wanna have the full experiance of a M car!! and yes your right about the quickness of smg ova manual but come on lets be serious, if you wanna go for sheer outright performance go for the CSL version everything stripped out bar the seats, if you want the M3 its prob gonna be 90% DD 10% track! peace!!