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Originally Posted by Garissimo View Post
Again, I have huge respect for your driving skills. I don't mean to come off as a bench racing ignoramus. You make some excellent points. I truly do envy the gas mileage Toyota managed to extract from that engine as I sit here with a 17.0mpg average and have to fill up every 260 miles or so. But the sound almost makes up for it.
I think that's the real point here. The cars are close enough in stock form that it really comes down to driving skills. Heck, he'd likely whip our asses in much slower cars due to his obvious skill behind the wheel. I'd be a jackass to come on here and start spouting off that my car was faster as my racing skills are light years behind Dave's....but in the right hands it's quite capable.

I think he's just looking for a race.

Maybe someone with an M3 should go take a run at him.