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I raced my IS-F... as is with no LSD... and still have the times to back it up... BUT I did put on 'D.O.T. Race Tires'... simply because I know the importance tires can make to an overall package.

Again... I love M3's... I typically flip my cars every 6 months... and so I wanted to try something new... I've really taken to the IS-F... and just haven't found a better car, that can do 'everything' so well... M3's are still very very nice cars... and the reason multiple makes sell... is because they fit peoples needs better for some than others.


Again, I have huge respect for your driving skills. I don't mean to come off as a bench racing ignoramus. You make some excellent points. I truly do envy the gas mileage Toyota managed to extract from that engine as I sit here with a 17.0mpg average and have to fill up every 260 miles or so. But the sound almost makes up for it.
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