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Sorry... it's the truth... if you watch Tanner... just 'holding' onto the wheel... and not shifting... it's VERY clear it's not in Sport or Manual mode. The car will spin the tires from a dead stop in any mode... but it's like racing the DCT M3 not in Sport Mode, and in S1.

I've owned both... I race both... again... the M3 is (was for me) a great car... but the IS-F is (for me) a better car. And it's starting to show that now in the latest tests.

Tanner & Paul... are just entertainment IMO.
I respect your racing accomplishments but to come on here and say a stock IS-F dominates a stock M3 in every performance measure is flat out ridiculous. There are plenty of objective, same-day comparisons that say otherwise. Anyone can find these. And it was not until the IS-F got an LSD - at the very end of its life cycle - that it was even close in the handling department. Similar deal with the C63.
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