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Originally Posted by mofomat View Post
You wouldn't have driven a Gallardo with DSG. Not unless it was an experimental car that nobody knows about. , which makes me question whether you know what you are talking about really.

I love SMG. I don't think it's any less satisfying than a manual. After all, both achieve the same end result, a new gear, but with a different method of execution. The satisfaction comes from changing the gear at the right time for optimum performance. SMG also requires a certain level of skill to get the changes right. I think there's a lot of macho posturing by people who think that if they say they prefer a 'stick' as opposed to SMG, it makes them a higher skilled driver.

The truth is, unless you are a semi-amateur or professional racing driver there is no way you can get the same performance from the car with a stick as opposed to the SMG.
maybe he drove a Gellado engine car lol
like S6 with
fun may not be all about performance tho.....more things to touch around might be fun for somebody