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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
The bottom line was Afghanistan presented a challenge to US military planners and we needed Pakistan to allow US forces to use their facilities and airspace. Pakistan's historic support for the Taliban was based more on regional political considerations rather than religious and the US altered those considerations. It became more politically advantageous to support us than the Taliban.
That's part of it, but 'the battle for hearts and minds' was another part.

It would have been obvious even to Bush (who clearly does not have much time for statesmanlike diplomacy in the international arena) that the invasion of Afghanistan might be seen as an attack on Islam.

On a purely PR basis Bush knew an international alliance would be essential, so he cobbled together a long list of 'allies' who would stand behind him. He made sure that some of those allies were Islamic States (e.g. Libya and Pakistan).

There was certainly a tactical military argument for the alliance, but that was not it's entireity.

This IS a really old thread. When Musharraf talked about 'war games' he was actually publising his book of memoirs. So he was being deliberately controversial to win media attention, but also making a point that he was in control of Pakistan - not the USA.

There is a subtext to everything.