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sorry guys, been really busy with the first week of school.
i borrowed a friend's ps3 and got a chance to test it out.

pros: the steering wheel itself is magnificent. really accurate with none of the loud gear clacking of my old gt4 wheel and endless adjustability. the clubsport pedals are pimpin as fuck. i pumped up the clutch and gas resistance 30%, cut down on brake travel 30%, and cut down on gas travel using the tuning kit. its definitely a must if you want that realistic feel for the supercars. my clutch leg was actually sore after a few races. me and my friend beat challenges that we couldn't even come close to beating with a controller. level 21 jeff gordon challenges are cake with the wheel.

cons: every damn box they shipped to me was marked FANATEC ADVANCED GERMAN GAMEWARE MADE IN CHINA. so if anyone moving that stuff around actually knew how expensive the stuff inside was... also $650+ order made in china thunbsdown. the alcantara wrap had a bubble near the 3 oclock position which is a bit disappointing. im going to see if i can get rid of it by heating it up and pressing it out or maybe poking with a needle. they sent me the sequential and h shifters but im pretty sure they are not soft touch. im fairly sure the clubsport edition gt3rs was supposed to come with legit soft touch rubber shifter and the ones ive seen in other ppls videos look different. lastly the rs wheelstand has very study components, but the one giant screw that is holding the wheel up isnt really locking to the base, so it wobbles quite a bit. odd, considering how many positive review there are saying how solid it is. might bore out the hole with a drill to see if it will lock together better.

sorry for the weak review, but i got shit to do. my advice is: dont buy it or maybe only buy the pedals. looks sweet tho. ill throw up some pics when i get some time