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Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
... by a so called group of enthusiast, they obviously get there money by sponsors and I find it funny how those same group of people grade the same radars time after time after time, they would not just be doing it for sh%$s and giggles.
Wrong! I resent that because I am an enthusiast, I know others who are, and we really wish someone would pay us for it. But they don't. We have no agenda other than testing, reporting results and learning. Yes, we do indeed get our shits and giggles from it.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
K40: Will always offer the most protection due to there front and rear radar system which nobody else offers.
You contradict yourself below by admitting that V1 has this too.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
... They have been in business for over 30 years and have been Scrutinized for the same amount of time buy the same group of people putting out there so called reviews and test results....LOL .... funny how they dont write that Cobra, Whistler or Rocky Mountain are never mentioned JUST K40...Hmmmmm
Actually, K40 is hardly mentioned but Cobra, Whistler, RMR, et al are. In fact, mention of K40 on the will you get you banned. I shit thee not. It's right there in their FAQ. I don't know why. They won't discuss it. But I have it on pretty good authority that K40 has threatened to sue if they are mentioned.

Nobody's picking on K40. If anything, RMR is the joke of the industry. And oh, I almost forgot how Cobra owners mount their detectors pointing up at the sky. That's another joke.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
V1: Great for what it is, a portable radar that can be hardwired in like all portables. They have the technology of front and rear receiver which is good but because it has to be mounted in the front of the car the rear detection is limited.
Wrong again. V1 rear detection has no compromise and beats all others in this respect. Take me up on my challenge to see for yourself.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
Has not been updated since it has come ot buut offers a firmware update?????? Seeing that radar bands havent changed in over a decade I dont really see the point in updating it.
Another falsehood. V1 has updated their internals and programming. Anything can be made better and Valentine Research has done this, tweaking things along the way. The FCC hasn't allotted new frequencies, but both detectors and police radar/laser units get better. Technology marches on. IO, POP, QT, etc. It's a leap frog game.

Plus you can trade in your old V1 for a new one for less than the full cost. Will K40 Electronics do this? It is only the V1 case that has not been updated. Well, technically it has, twice -- once to add laser detection at the bottom, then again to bring the laser detector back up into the main unit going back to their original case design.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
There are some who like the K40, there are some who like the Escort and then there are some who like the V1, it doesnt mean one sucks and the others are awesome. NO COMPANY would be in business like K40 has if there product was not good.
Thank you. Up above you were saying how awesome the K40 is and calling all the others suckers. I'm glad you've come to realize that there are many other aspects to a detector than stealth install. You still don't admit that the K40 is not the best performing detector but maybe you'll change your mind if you see for yourself how it really compares to other detectors. Come on out this spring. I'll buy you lunch. It's always good to meet other enthusiasts -- whether they're speed measurement countermeasure enthusiasts, M3 enthusiasts, BMW enthusiasts or just plain car enthusiasts.

Just FYI, Escort has been in business since at least 1978. Mike Valentine helped start them up, then moved on and created his own company -- Valentine Research. Most other detector companies nowadays have been at it for a while too. Not just K40.


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