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Originally Posted by svencz View Post
I'm really worried that if they take it apart something else will break, but unfortunately the buzzing is too noisy to bear ..
Please let me know what dealer found man; hope they find the issue. However, I wouldn't want my dash removed without identifying the noise first. It's incredible how some noises telegraph through. Once I was poking at the moonroof like crazy due to a very annoying buzzing sound, and I felt so stupid when by accident found out it was something on the passenger seat. I was thinking how the hell could I mistake the sound, but it happens. The hardest part of quieting a rattle is finding the source. Once you do, the rest is usually easy. And even if there's something behind the dash (likely), it could be quite elusive without driving the car. They'd have to tighten everything, zip-tie any possible harness causing the issue, etc. If they don't take the time to systematically check EVERYTHING, you're probably going to have more noises than before (hope I'm wrong on that). Good luck man.