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bottom line is this, radar detectors reviews should be based upon drivers experiencies in real world driving and should not be determined by a so called group of enthusiast, they obviously get there money by sponsors and I find it funny how those same group of people grade the same radars time after time after time, they would not just be doing it for sh%$s and giggles.

The point is this. all radars will give you enough time to slow down and not get a ticket the difference is programing and features.

K40: Will always offer the most protection due to there front and rear radar system which nobody else offers. they also has the stealth install, no display or control head to hide or flush mount, speeding ticket guarantee and directional awareness it will tell you both visually and verbally where the LEO is coming from, the band and signal strength. Hands down great systems especially now they have the new RL360 with GPS. They have been in business for over 30 years and have been Scrutinized for the same amount of time buy the same group of people putting out there so called reviews and test results....LOL .... funny how they dont write that Cobra, Whistler or Rocky Mountain are never mentioned JUST K40...Hmmmmm

Escort: also offers a remote system, theirs comes with front only radar but both front and rear laser shifters strictly for laser jamming. They two have GPS. good system has display and control head that needs to be mounted somewhere inside the car which to me I do not want because it will effect the original look of the car. But over all a good system, no speeding ticket guarantee like K40.

V1: Great for what it is, a portable radar that can be hardwired in like all portables. They have the technology of front and rear receiver which is good but because it has to be mounted in the front of the car the rear detection is limited. Has not been updated since it has come ot buut offers a firmware update?????? Seeing that radar bands havent changed in over a decade I dont really see the point in updating it.

There are some who like the K40, there are some who like the Escort and then there are some who like the V1, it doesnt mean one sucks and the others are awesome. NO COMPANY would be in business like K40 has if there product was not good.