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Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
now your just being babbling..... I am sorry you are so misled.
No, I'm arguing.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
Just because videos are posted by a MFG doesnt mean they were taken by the MFG. Obviously they are all different terrains, vehicles etc. Cherry pick videos....Hmmm seems all of K40 display great range.
Whatever. I'll let the readers make up their own minds.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
K40 holds patient on front and rear separate receivers ie why nobody else BUT k40 sell it except the V1 but that is a different design of which he holds the patient to hense why no other portable radar offers dual horns under a single housing.
Then please tell me the patent number so I can see this for myself. I cannot find it.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
Show me a independent test from a established company that DOESNT SELL RADAR.
Companies don't publish test results unless they have something to gain from it. So how about from a group of enthusiasts like They have nothing to sell, nor do they recommend anything. They only present results. Or how about He sells VEIL which is a coating to attenuate laser but he sells no detectors or jammers. How about the link I gave you to the post on m3post by J08M3? He has no detector to sell either, unless it's his K40 that he wants to get rid of. I'm sure if you looked you could find more.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
Like I said I am sorry you are misled.
No, really, I'm not. I've been a student of the whole radar/laser countermeasures for many years now. I not only surf the Internet but actually take part in seeing with my own eyes how these things work, or not. I'm not pushing a single product or vendor. I say which ones work well consistently. I state when my opinions are my personal opinions and fact when it's fact. I can back up my claims.

However, methinks thou are trying to mislead the fair folk here.


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