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Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
Again it has been acknowledged that all terrain is different
Absolutely. Why do these videos all show diifferent terrain? With different cops? And mostly different drivers? You're comparing apples and oranges.

But some of these videos do have something in common: they were put up there by the same poster(s). One of these, accounting for at least three of these videos, happens to be K40Electronics themselves. This is not a good way to make your point.

Originally Posted by marysm3 View Post
...but the basis is that if a radar is good then it should result in the same performance regardless and in these close comparisons the K40 has shown to give the most advanced warning to police radar.
Sorry, I don't agree. "most advanced warning"? I'm not sure what this means. Does it mean that it always alerts first to a threat? What about not alerting to to non-threats? What about giving you the right proportional alert so that you have an indication of threat level? Is it reliable at picking up IO and QT threats? Can it be upgraded easily or do you have to pay another 2 grand to get the latest detection when the threat changes? There is more, but without consideration of these things you cannot claim "the best". I can argue any of these points in favor of any number of other detectors.

So, marysm3, take my challenge. Meet me this spring somewhere convenient to both of us. Let's pit the V1 and K40 against each other, as well as whoever else shows up with their detectors. I'll try to gather as large a cross-section of radar and laser guns together as I can. Then we'll posts the video and results. Ok?


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