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Originally Posted by dogears View Post

I was really interested in getting the Escort. I have always had good experiences with them. However, the built in 9500 does not have a rear radar receiver. This is a deal breaker. In the many years I have had my K40, I would estimate half my warnings are from the rear. I have two LEDS in the dash. The right its rear. Simple. I know.

With the 9500, no such warning.

Or am I incorrect??

I would actually update my install and consider the Escort if you had the dedicated rear detection capability.

Please explain to me why you guys do not offer a rear reciever... Please. Very interested.

My opinion is not based on maximum range. It is based on totally stealth install and front/rear radar detection. NJ is not known for using laser at this time.
Why do you say "... if you had ..." and "... you guys ..."? I'm not Escort, do not represent them and do not push them. I only know that they make decent detectors. For me, though, the best is the V1. Better than any "stealth" install detector too. The V1 wrote the book (actually the patent) on dual facing antennae. The V1 shows you where the "bogey" is: front, behind and even to the side. I know the K40 won't do this (to the sides) because Mike Valentine would have sued since he owns the patent.

It's true that rear detection is important. But most of the Escort models are sensitive enough to pick up the reflection of rear radar as it bounces off of objects ahead. It does alert. It doesn't tell you where the alert came from. The same goes for any other detector, bar the V1.

Stealth, in the form of not being able to see that the detector is there is important. It's also slick. But a good installer, or clever DIYer can make a detector install nearly invisible in this sense too, depending in the detector. However, my take is that I want to see and know all the information to which means that a display is needed. Two lights just won't do it for me. YMMV.

There is a different kind of stealth; being invisible to the Spectre RDD. Perhaps where you drive this is not important. If you travel in Virginia then you need to be invisible to the Spectre. Only the Escort Redline and 9500ci, and the Beltronics STI series are invisible. Period.

I can see that a stealthy install is important to you. In this respect the K40 is damn good, maybe the best. I just take issue when someone says that it is the best out there, period, without providing supporting details. While it may be the slickest install, I can show you that it is not the best performing and for my money, performance is what I want. Otherwise, I'd have bought an Audi instead of an M3.


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