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I was really interested in getting the Escort. I have always had good experiences with them. However, the built in 9500 does not have a rear radar receiver. This is a deal breaker. In the many years I have had my K40, I would estimate half my warnings are from the rear. I have two LEDS in the dash. The right its rear. Simple. I know.

With the 9500, no such warning.

Or am I incorrect??

I would actually update my install and consider the Escort if you had the dedicated rear detection capability.

Please explain to me why you guys do not offer a rear reciever... Please. Very interested.

My opinion is not based on maximum range. It is based on totally stealth install and front/rear radar detection. NJ is not known for using laser at this time.

Originally Posted by ersin View Post

Opinions are one thing but a claim that the K40 RL360 is "the best radar on the market" has to be backed up. This forum is not just a place for opinions. People come here for information. Not misinformation.

In isolation, every owner believes his or her detector is the best. But how many of them have truly tested them against the radar and laser guns that LEOs use? And how many of them, further still, compare them head to head against the other detectors? Well, I have with the help of others. It's not my life, just a hobby. But after a few times meeting with people who do this it becomes pretty clear what works and what doesn't. Besides, there's plenty of good information on the Internet. Check out the Veil guy's blog or forum.

The only type of comparison I can find on the Internet of any K40 detector is from Craig Peterson. He's hardly what I would call "unbiased". He truly is an Escort "blogger". (And if I were blogging, it wouldn't be for Escort because I'm a Valentine-1 Zombie!) But even next to the non-Escort products he reviews with it, the K40 gets low marks.

I'm happy that you're satisfied with your K40. But if you claim it's the best on the market you have to qualify and prove that.


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