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Well, as I said, Craig Peterson is not the most "unbiased" reviewer there is. It's a foregone conclusion that he ranks Escort as tops as he is the mouthpiece for this brand. But he's not selling V1, Whistler or RMR (or any others), yet K40 products are always ranked low against these others. Plus, I didn't reference, I referenced -- a forum for detector enthusiasts.

But I tell you what? You're in Pittsburg, I'm in Maryland. There are periodic meets done by enthusiasts along the east coast. This spring (because I hate spending time doing this in the cold) let's get together at one of the meets. You bring your K40, I'll be there with my V1 (old v1.7 at that too), the guys that own the radar and laser guns will be there and we'll see what results we get. I'll video tape and post the video up. If I get a Laser Intercepter and have it installed by then we can test the laser jammer portion too.


BTW, check out this post.

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