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Craig petterson...... Are you joking ? He is in the pocket of Escort, everybody knows that he'll right any good review for the right money... LOL

As for the LOL ( I rank these radars the best and oh by the way click here to buy ) nothing but marketing to sell product. Any so called radar test site that claims to do independent test on radars and then sells those very radars they rank the best are biased and have one purpose which is the same as every other website on the internet... TO SELL PRODUCT. Dont worry though a lot of other people not just you have fallen for that as well. Think about it dont you find it funny that every so called review or test website out there only ranks K40 to be the worst and not others that are known to be like Cobra, Whistler, rocky mountian etc and ALWAYS rank the same three to be the top, however K40 continues to own the market share for installed remote radars for the last 30 years????????????? They obviously have one intent which is to discredit K40 and K40 only. Your a funny...... Come back to me with your so called professional experience when you have run with the K40 RL360 cause I am not the only one who thinks this radar is by far better the any other remote available today.

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