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Does Escort know you are blogging during working hours??????

Dude relax this is a forum for people to express there opinions. Why dont you google the K40 RL360 and you will see everybody loves this new radar. What they mean by stealth is that is can not be visually seen inside ths car until it goes off, the escort 9500ci has both a display and control head thats needs to be in reach and seen by the driver hense it not being fully stealth. Secondly Anybody who is anybody knows that K40 is the only mfg to be able to offer a remote radar that comes with both a radar reciever in the front and in the rear, Escort doe snot have that, does that mean they cant pick up from the rear no but it is extremely limited. The K40 RL360 is definately the most versitle radar on the market there are a lot of things it can do that the escort can not and dont ask me to explain simply look it up yourself of call them.

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