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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Esquire was able to bring in his 2011.5 BMW ZCP M3 in Dakar Yellow. In stock form, this beast is absolutely gorgeous.

In only a week, his 1200mi service was completed and ready for modding:

Items installed (click for high resolution):

- Akrapovic Evolution Titanium Exhaust System for e9x M3, complete with 100cpi catalytic converters
- Akrapovic Delete-R
- Challenge GT Carbon Rear Diffuser
- Macht Schnell S65B40 M3 High Performance Air Filter
- Macht Schnell M3 S65 Performance Underdrive Pulleys
- IND Gloss Black Kidney Grilles
- IND Gloss Black Fender Gilles
- AngeliBright v3.0 10W LED Angel Eye upgrade

Esquire's wheels were removed and dismounted for powdercoating Satin Black, returning for mounting along with a set of Macht Schnell spacers to bring the wheels flush with the fenders. In the meantime, we've loaned him a set of 18" 260M Gunmetals to roll around in, which look pretty good on Dakar Yellow by itself.

Esquire: Thanks to you and your brother for the opportunity to work on such a beautiful M3.

To everyone over at EAS (Tom, Steve, Anthony and the rest of the crew) thank you so much for everything youv'e done so far.

To everyone else - you should know that EAS's work and customer service are truly impeccable. From setting me up with loaner wheels while my ZCP's gets powdercoated, to opening up shop for me on their days off, to photoshopping all sorts of ridiculous setups to help me get a better idea of what the car would look like, and most importantly to going out of their way to make sure that my car gets top notch parts and treatment, there's a reason why they have the stellar reputation that they do. Better than all of that, they're all really cool guys. We just laugh and have a blast the whole time I'm there. I consider myself lucky to be able to work with EAS.

Looking forward to a bunch of other mods with you guys:
  • Vorsteiner CSL style Bootlid Trunk
  • Satin Black Powder Coated ZCP's
  • Mach Schnell Spacers
  • M stitched DCT boot
  • IND matching keyhole cover
  • Euro Front Bumper
  • Front PDC retrofit
  • Front lip (TBD)
  • Piano Black trim (from BMW Individual) install
  • a slew of coding goodies
  • and software maybe ??

Thanks again for everything EAS. Please let me know when you're ready to give me a full sponsorship for a supercharge. Now that would be insane.

- esquire

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